This is an idea:
What if we could put some scripting into actual fonts. These scripts are then read by lets say InDesign, and InDesign makes a dialog for this font. So that the user has easy and therefor better access to all the features that are in the font.

This will be way better than the current OpenType features accessibility provided by InDesign. Only the actual features will be populating the dialog, with a description what they do.

But this idea can go beyond OpenType features.
Think about a multi colour font where there is a main colour and a highlight colour. A handy dialog with two colour wells would be great!

And even some interaction between different fonts? Like Nitti Monstro by Pieter van Rosmalen, a stacking system with multiple fonts. Now you have to make multiple text layers yourself, what if the program does it all for you…

For now this is an idea, I will come back to this.