t]m first week

The t]m course finally started. Peter Verheul kicked off with a nice presentation about type and the academy. Of course there was a huge rol for Gerrit Noordzij in it. Peter continued with a writing with a brush lesson. Humanistic minuscule. Here is Peter’s creation:


I never wrote with a brush before so had to get used to the tool. Wise words of Peter:

Do not practise writing abc…the alphabet, but write words and sentences. You have to make words in order to feel the rhythm. That is importent.

And then their was ATypI in Warsaw. Erik van Blokland had to go. Something about new OpenType specs.
He dropped by on Monday and I asked him if he did a presentation their. Then he told us about this new OpenType thingy and talked about some examples what it could do. Automatic optical size, micro adjustments for a few glyphs to fit within a column, if the leading to not that big increase ascenders and/or descenders. That kind of stuff. I can not tell you how thrilled I am about this. Amazing. And I am in t]m now, kinda front row!